Optum and Change Healthcare Planning to Combine

Advancing a more modern, information and technology-enabled health care platform, the combination of Optum and Change Healthcare will be good for patients and the broader health system.

A combination of Optum and Change Healthcare would benefit patients, providers and payers.

It advances our ability to create products and services that improve the delivery of health care and help reduce the high costs and inefficiencies that plague the health system, innovations which we are committed to sharing broadly.

Committed to Data Security

Our best-in-class firewalls and compliance programs maintain the integrity of our customers’ data and information and help prevent unauthorized access and misuse. Our long-standing commitment to data security will remain paramount long after our combination with Change Healthcare.

This is a Pro-Competitive, Pro-Consumer Transaction

The Government’s theories of competitive harm have no basis in fact or law, rest on vague and speculative theories unsupported by any past conduct, and do not provide any basis for blocking the transaction.

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